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Typical Sardinian
Cheeses in Cagliari

from Sardinia

Our shop specializes in selling salami and typical Sardinian cheeses in Cagliari. We treat only highly selected products for quality and taste, from some local producers with whom we have contact. In years of work, we have been able to create a network of suppliers who can ensure Sardinian cheeses in Cagliari biological and of unmistakable tastes. Our country is famous for the production of cheeses, which are undoubtedly one of the gastronomic specialties that have a great background on the island’s pastoril tradition. We offer customers a wide choice of fresh and aged cheeses, either from goat or sheep.

These are some of the cheeses that you will find in our shop:

‘Pecorino Romano’ cheese: made exclusively from sheep's milk, has a moderately spicy flavor. ‘Pecorino Romano’ is used primarily as a condiment for pasta and soups.

‘Pecorino Sardo’: is a cheese D.O.C. produced exclusively in Sardinia. It is usually packaged in forms of about 3 Kg. Under the three months of maturation is usually consumed baked or as a table cheese, and after six months of maturation it becomes a cheese rasp.

‘Peretta’: it is usually packaged in forms from about 0.5 kg. It is a fresh cheese that is consumed within days of production accompanied with bread or for fast dinners. It is delicious baked with honey.

Another of our strengths is undoubtedly the choice of sausages that we offer to our customers. Also in this case, organic products from local farms are used. Products can bring to life unique and genuine flavors and tastes.

Among those available:

  • Dried pork sausage with and without lactose
  • Sheep sausage
  • Goat sausage
  • Pork Loin,
  • Pork cheek
  • Lard,
  • Sardinian Prosciutto boneless,
  • Red ox Meat,
  • Free-range packaged Chicken