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From farm to fork’ products in Cagliari

Baffe’ and grated fish roe

Our shop specializes in selling ‘from farm to fork’ products in Cagliari. Our aim is to make available to customers a large selection of quality and absolutely genuine food. We can count on a vast network of suppliers from whom we buy certified products. From fruit to bread, from pasta to typical sweets, on our shelves you will find only the quality of biological and non-industrial production. Sardinia has its own precise culinary identity, an age-old tradition that we want to promote with love and passion through an accurate selection of proposals. The advantages of ‘from farm to fork’ products in Cagliari are innumerable, above all there is greater security, resulting from the fact that fruits and vegetables, just to give an example, suffer far fewer chemical treatments compared to supermarkets. Secondly, flavors: often the small farmer cultivates rare and delicate variations, which are able to further enhance the taste of what grows from the earth. In our store, you will have the opportunity to find fruits and vegetables of choice cultivated a few kilometers from your home. Of course, you will only find seasonal products, as these are always fresh and sourced from local farmers, nothing frozen. In addition to fruits and vegetables, we have a whole series of typical Sardinian products such as homemade jams, homemade pasta and delicacies of a certain prestige as the fish roe into ‘baffe’ and grated.

Among the types of homemade pasta, we have:
‘Culurgiones’: it is a typical Sardinian ravioli from the shape that can be square, rectangular or round. It is prepared with semolina, ricotta and chard, or cheese, or potato and saffron. The ‘culurgiones’ are usually accompanied by meat sauce and grated pecorino.

‘Malloreddusa’: it is a paste which has an oval shape similar to that of an empty shell, with the back straight grain and of a couple of centimeters length. They are excellent prepared with fresh tomato sauce, dried sausage and of course the grated pecorino.

Also a wide choice of desserts, always homemade, includes:
‘Papassinas’: these cakes from rhomboid shape, made from leavened dough of flour, lard, eggs, raisins, pine nuts, walnuts or almonds and ‘sapa’( a particular must). They are usually covered with icing and garnished with colorful small balls.

‘Pirichittus’: sweet round-shaped, typical of the region of Cagliari. They are prepared with sugar, lemon and orange, on a base made with eggs, olive oil and flour.