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Sardinian bitter and spirits of Cagliari

Wines and craft beers

Our region can boast a rich and varied tradition of liqueurs and typical Sardinian bitters in Cagliari, whose origin often lies in the island's typical plant varieties. As with other foods, even the Sardinian spirits accurately reflect the way we understand the taste, through the use of genuine products that are processed through simple and economic process, in order to get a unique bitter taste. Sardinian bitters, exquisite in their simplicity, always manage to express the aromas of Sardinia, thanks to the right proportion of ingredients with alcoholic solutions sweetened and honeyed.

Among the typical Sardinian bitter in Cagliari which you can find in our shop:

Amaro Murgia: it is a digestive aloe, is able to clean up the tongue from residual unpleasant tastes in a short time leaving the mouth absolutely neutral.

‘Filo di ferro’ (‘piece of wire’): it is a spirit which takes its name from the ancient practice used to hide the distillated products in a clandestine way: the brandy was poured into a container to which was tied a piece of wire to identify the location once that was hidden under the ground. The ‘filo di ferro’ spirit is carefully obtained from selected pomace.

Mirto: undoubtedly the most famous Sardinian liqueur. It is obtained by the cold infusion of small black berries or leaves of the homonymous plant with the addition of honey or sugar. The liquor has toning and digestive properties.

In our liquor department couldn’t be lacking wines of our land: in Sardinia vitiviniculture has always played a crucial role in the agricultural economy. The vines are grown in almost all parts of the island: from the fertile plains near the sea, to the interior and mountainous areas. The special climatic conditions allow a moderately intensive viticulture, but able to ensure a high quality wine production. In our shop we sell numerous wines from some of the best Sardinian wine cellars. Valuable products that are able to revive Sardinia through tastes and smells.

Besides the liquors and wines, we also have a range of Sardinian craft beers from local breweries, carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and taste. On our shelves, you will find many varieties and types of cask-conditioned ales, able to express the flavors and aromas of Sardinia throughout this drink, ideal for lunches, dinners and convivial evenings with friends.